over-deliver, under-promise 720x405.png

under-promise. over-deliver.

groupe solution is a new york city based passion-driven provider of video systems design, equipment, and operation, specializing in the live events industry.


natural intellisense(tm) (ni).

groupe solution uses natural intellisense(tm) (ni) to anticipate what one may need before one realises one needs it. groupe solution’s turnkey systems are very carefully designed and engineered to enhance the human-machine interaction and exceed expectations under very demanding show conditions. on show site, we blend art and science to wow audiences, and thrill our clients.


minding the lines.

groupe solution is aware of the fine line between a challenge and a mis-fit. a challenge is welcome and accepted. a mis-fit of groupe solution’s capavailabilities(tm) to a project's needs is unwelcome and rejected. groupe solution is not all things to all clients; if its outside our wheelhouse of capavailabilitites(tm), we step back. client confidence is one of groupe solution’s chief aims.


obsessive compulsive order(tm) (oco)

groupe solution values obsessive compulsive order(tm) (oco). the preoccupation with a continuous strive for improvement, the route to perfection, and a disciplined approach, are distinctive trademarks of the groupe solution ethos.

success is the only option.